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Jamie Cunningham

(250) 552-4727

I have been a resident of Prince George for the past 15 years and have grown to love the city and the people that live in it. On my free time you will find me watching my son play hockey, at a local lake, running along the river or enjoying a nice cold beer with family and friends. I am a wife, a mother of two and full time Mortgage Broker.

My job is to help you with all your mortgage needs. Whether you are a first time home buyer (or 2nd, 3rd…), renewing your mortgage or looking to refinance, I am here to make the transaction as smooth and stress free as possible. My goal is to have clients feel comfortable, confident and happy with the whole process and leave knowing they got the best mortgage product available. I’d be more than happy to help you with your mortgage!

Michelle McCullough

(250) 649-8159

I was born and raised in Prince George. I’m a graduate of the University of Northern British Columbia and also attended the College of New Caledonia. I take great pride in Prince George and love to promote the good qualities it has. In my spare time I frequent many lakes in the area to spend time with my family and friends.

With a number of years in the financial services field I am able to provide expert advice to first time home buyers, past clients when their mortgage is up for renewal or refinancing clients for home renovations or debt consolidations. I receive a great deal of satisfaction knowing I have provided outstanding advice and service to all of my clients. I guarantee to do the same for you!

Jodi Whitcomb

(250) 301-3917

I am here to serve those who value Northern BC and want to establish their roots further by making this great community their home.

I was raised in Prince George and worked many years in the customer service industry, curating a great respect for our community. I often enjoy local parks and adore the lively aesthetic of Prince George business and surrounding nature.

As a graduate from the UBC Sauder School of Business, I am eager to foster a career in helping others acquire one of their most exciting goals.

I am grateful to be mentored by two of British Columbia’s leading mortgage brokers. Paired with a skilled eye for detail, and love for my community, I will dedicate myself to your mortgage needs. My passion is to make the mortgage process as smooth as possible by providing you with a personalized experience, and the materials to make a fully informed decision.

Abby Brown

My name is Abby Brown, and I was born and raised in Prince George. With a background in both customer service and the medical field, I prioritize the importance of building relationships with customers and patients, viewing it as a means to spread kindness.

My primary goal is to assist clients within my community, approaching them with kindness to create a comfortable and supportive environment. During my leisure time, I relish golfing in the sun with friends and family, and I love exploring local parks with my dog.

I am thankful for the opportunity to assist the PG Mortgage Broker team. I am eager to contribute to providing clients with exceptional customer service, aiming to make a meaningful impact. I am also grateful for the chance to learn and grow within a hard-working and dedicated team.

Alli O’Brien

I was born and raised in Prince George. I have had the opportunity to live in some of our other provinces in Canada but Prince George has always called me back home. In my spare time you will find me at the lake camping with my family and friends. I am a mother of two and on my way to earning my Mortgage Broker License with the UBC Sauder School of Business.

My job once licensed, will be to assist past, current and new clients with all your Mortgage Renewal needs. In the interim I will be acting as an Assistant to the team helping with all mortgage related processes. I am grateful to be working behind two of the best mentors in the business, as well as be a part of such a well-rounded team. I am eager to get to know you and help you find the best deal possible while ensuring a seamless process for you. I take pride in my ability to provide exceptional customer service that will leave you feeling confident you chose the right team!

We’re very excited to be named as a finalist for the award for best newcomer – mortgage broker firm!

The CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards recognizes and celebrates excellence across the entire spectrum of mortgage brokering. There are 21 organizational and individual categories that have been designed to ensure national recognition of both large and small organizations on their individual merits.

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Mortgage Resources

Working with us goes farther than just your mortgage. What sets us apart is that not only do we work to give you expert advice and help you save money on your mortgage, but we also work with partners who can provide unbiased financial advice located in the same office. Someone is always around to help you with any financial question you may have.

Here are some great videos produced by Invis (our National Brokerage) that explain the benefits of using a broker and some of the programs we offer. They aren’t comprehensive, but they certainly are a great place to start! If you have any question, contact us directly, we’re here for you and we’d love to help!


Here are a few of the lenders we have developed excellent relationships with, let’s figure out which one has the best products to offer you!


Here are a few of the lenders we have developed excellent relationships with, let’s figure out which one has the best products to offer you!

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Myths Debunked: Get the Real Facts!

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