Depending on how you earn your income, if you are applying for a mortgage, you might be asked to substantiate your income through a 2 year average using your latest 2 years Notice of Assessments (NOAs). Your NOAs is the document the government sends to you once you have filed your taxes and they have been processed.

Now, if you are like most people, finding the box, file, drawer, cupboard, room or broom closet you store your important documents in is no small task. These things have a way of disappearing at the very worst of times. “It should be right there” you say, “it has vanished, I swear… it. was. right. there.” I believe you, unfortunately, the most recent NOA is the most elusive document known to mortgage brokers everywhere!

Up until recently, this posed a big problem because if you weren’t able to track down a copy of your NOA, it could take weeks to setup an online account with the Canada Revenue Agency to get a copy. And if you were already in the middle of financing, you have a few days at most to satisfy financing conditions, not a few weeks! So what do you do? Well…

Enter a company called

According to their website,

“ is a 100% Canadian owned private corporation which brings exceptional tax preparation and related services to our clients”.

One of these services offered is ordering NOAs on behalf of their clients! It’s pretty simple really, you fill out a form authorizing to access your online tax account with CRA. For $50, they send off a request to CRA on your behalf and within 24 hours, you have a copy of your missing NOA in your inbox! That’s a win!

So, if you are ever in a situation where you need a copy of your notice of assessment, you don’t have an account with CRA and you don’t have the time to set one up, remember this post on my blog. Visit or contact me and I will help you with the process!