Stress Test Update. Effective August 2020, the benchmark rate or the stress test rate has been dropped to 4.79%. In May of this year, the benchmark rate used to qualify mortgage was 4.94%. Prior to the decrease in May, the Stress Test rate was 5.04%
The drop in the Stress Test rate helps borrowers to qualify for a little more.
Applying the previous Stress Test of 4.94% to a mortgage application where the borrower’s annual income is $60,000, the annual property taxes are $2000, and using the minimum down payment of 5%, this borrower would qualify to purchase a property valued around $294,500
Under the new Stress Test, that same borrower, making $60,000 annually, with $2000 annual property taxes, and 5% down, would be able to look at homes valued slightly higher at $300,000.
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