All homeowners should have received their property tax notice in the mail, or will be receiving it shortly. If you receive this form and can’t remember what the heck to do, then follow these steps:

1. Your lender collects property taxes on your behalf:
As long as the property is owner occupied, you will need to claim the Home Owners Grant. Simply click on the website below 👇🏻 and scroll to the bottom where it shows ‘claim your howe owners grant’. Click that link and then it will take you through a series of questions (takes about 3 minutes + you will need your property tax notice for the Folio/Access number#). From there your lender will reach out to the City and collect the remainder of the property taxes due.

2. Your lender does NOT collect property taxes on your behalf:
If the property is owner occupied, you will still need to claim the Home Owners Grant (follow step 1) and from there you will need to pay the additional amount owing. The City is requesting that due to COVID-19 if you can make this payment on-line, it would be appreciated. You can make the payment by on-line banking, mailing a cheque, credit card through their PAYTM Canada or last but not least you can go down to City Hall. You can also find all of this information on the link attached.

3. You can’t remember if your lender is collecting property taxes on your behalf:
On your property tax notice if you look on the top right hand side above the legal description it will have a blurb there about your lender, that means they are collecting. If you don’t see anything then you will have to make that payment yourself.

Property taxes are due on July 3, 2020 this year. 

Link to City of Prince George Property Taxes:

As always, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can walk you through these steps!